Recycling and Reusing – Little Steps – Review of Trolley Dolly

I am quite largely into Up-cycling, Recycling and Reusing, to be honest it’s in my blood and I should be, you see my family started one of the countries 1st Recycling companies over 45 years ago, which I now run along with my father.

I have spent my life learning how products can be reused, why we should, pulling goodies out of skips to make do and mend. My home is furnished with many second-hand free pieces of furniture as well as treasures passed down from family over the years. I love not only how something is not going to waste but how it has a history.

I every year try to think of new ways to be that little better, I mean financially it makes sense, this year I am focusing on food, how to chuck away less and to make the pennies stretch, as well as thinking of cloth reusable nappies with baby number 3.

But if all this sounds that little too difficult and new age, there is a fantastic way you can help the world and look cute doing it and that’s using a Trolley Dolly.

Picture Property of ZPM
Picture Property of ZPM

I have been using reusable shopping bags for many years now, I love them, they last a long time, hold more and don’t snap as you move from car to house, they really don’t cost that much and meanwhile you are putting alot less nasty plastic (which doesn’t break down) into landfill.

My only ever issue with re usable shopping bags for the food shopping has been how ugly they are and how much room they take up, not only in the car/home but also in the trolley whilst I am shopping.

Trolley Dolly have combated all these problems, as well as a few I had not even realised I had.

The cutest thing about the Trolley Dolly is it’s theory of being like a Russian Doll (I Love Russian Dolls), where everything stacks inside and it really does.

You see inside this little cute bag is –

  • 7 * Reusable Bags with long handles (which can be tied) – each bag can hold 20kg
  • 1 * Box Style Reusable Bag – perfect for Pizza/Cake etc
  • 1* Bottle Bag – holds 6 * 2l bottles
  • 4* Fruit & Veg Net Bags
  • 1 * Trolley Token


First thing I love about the Trolley Dolly is how little space it takes in the car, I mean I literally have it next to my handbag, its tiny, I couldn’t believe all the shopping would fit into these bags, trust me we do big shops but it did, I spent well over £200 on the shop below and the bags did awesome, not only are they very strong but incredibly roomy.

PicMonkey Collage

My favourite 2 bags are the Box and Bottle Bags, I love how the bottles don’t fall and keep tipping over as you are trying to get a 2nd bottle in at the checkout, they all stand in their little sections lovely, the box bag is just fab, why no one else has ever thought of this, it holds Box Kits/Pizza’s Bread (bulky items) perfectly no squeezing into another bag and only getting one other thing around it. My only quip on this whole product would be I would colour code these 2 bags slightly different so you can easily find them in the Trolley Dolly, but this is a small quip.

photo 3

Other points I love about the Trolley Dolly.

  • Easily hangs on the Trolley handle, so no trolley room taken and also entertains Addison whilst in the trolley
  • No worrying if you have a £1 for the trolley or searching for that pound thingy, as the Trolley Dolly’s just clips onto the bag easy peasy
  • It also fits perfectly on a pushchair handle, so I also take the Trolley Dolly shopping in town as alot of stores now charge for Plastic Bags
  • Bags are all washable so if something does break or leak straight into the machine, unlike my reusable bags before which were thrown away
  • The amount of room in just one bag is excellent
  • Love the bright colours, purely cosmetic but cheers up the family food shop
  • The clear pocket on the outside of the bag is fab, not only can you see your shopping list but also holds my giant purse and mobile phone so no need for my handbag
  • The Veg bags are great when I head to the greengrocers

PicMonkey Collage1

As you can see alot of benefits, as I said above I love to use it when out shopping on the high street too, I also use the bags to take stuff to my Step mum’s  they are great for Grayson’s clothes when they get wet and dirty after preschool too so send one there as well. I also love to use one of the netted bags in the washer for socks/bras’s etc. This bag is really the bag that keeps giving all for a bargain price of £34.99.

Do go and check out the ZPM’s website and see their many bags, they do designs and styles to suit all, ranging from £17.00 upwards, they even do a great Men’s Messenger Bag which I am going to treat the hubby too, I am also going to buy a couple of extra reusable bags as they are just so handy and a steal.

If you are interested in a Trolley Dolly, ZPM have kindly offered my readers a great 10% off your order, just enter the code “REORD1612” at Checkout.


Disclosure – We were sent a Trolley Dolly for purpose of an honest review, the opinions are 100% our own.

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