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When I met Amy and Julie the founders of Cheeky Chompers last year I was inspired by how much they had achieved in a short period of time. I spoke to them of buying a Neckerchew years before at the Baby Show, I explained how Grayson had worn it every week since due to his extreme mouthing/chewing but now even though very tiny it was becoming to tight.

They listened, we chatted and they went away and saw a way to help children and adults like Grayson with disabilities.

I was astounded when they contacted me last month and said the new Neckerchews in sizes for special needs children and adults were just about to be released, not only did they kindly want to send Grayson some to put to the test, not only did they want to send some for Grayson’s best friend at school to also test but they wanted Grayson to be the face of the new Neckerchew.

special needs bibs

We of course we accepted, how could we not, we were 99% sure the new Neckerchews would be a win, I mean the old one over 2 years on is now around Deacon’s neck and working a treat with his back molars, even though Grayson had chewed it week after week.

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The new Neckerchews come in 2 sizes, children/small adult and adult, I am so pleased as we know Grayson’s excessive chewing will always be something he does and of course with that comes a certain amount of drool. Also available in 7 different designs and colours I am truly thankful they stuck to classic colours and patterns, so many special needs products end up being in garish colours and designs meant for a small child, not someone of 6 or older. Although Grayson mentally is still a baby he on the outside is growing and so wearing lions round his neck just doesn’t work.

special needs bibs

As with all their products Cheeky Chompers do not scrimp on quality of product, everything is made in Glasgow, so UK made.

Each Neckerchew is 3 layers thick of the softest cotton, so nice against sensitive skin and come with 2 adjustable poppers, which are smooth, this is crucial for babies but also for children with sensory issues. I love the fact that each bib is also reversible, so 2 designs for outfit matching.

Grayson has really been putting them to the test this past fortnight, chewing/tugging for hours, eating Wotsits in them and thankfully with the help of Vanish gold they are as good as new and the colours have not faded. He goes through 2 bibs a day which is fantastic and means his clothes are not getting ruined and I don’t have to constantly watch whether he has a toy to nibble and not his fingers.

Grayson although a terrible mouther is not a massive drooler, so I wanted to make sure that the bibs could handle that. Teagan has been Grayson’s best friend since they were 18 months old, like Grayson she likes to chew but she also heavily drools due to her disabilities. The doctors have tried many things to control her drooling but with no success, so dribble bibs that work are crucial, Teagan currently goes through at least 4 a day as they would soak through, Emma her Mum contacted me last night thanking me for the bibs as she just can’t believe how absorbent they are. She said she has halved the amount of times she has changed her bib and loves the larger size.

cheeky chompers neckerchews

The special needs community are truly thankful to Cheeky Chompers, I have spoken in forums of the bibs release and many did use the original Neckerchews but like us they had just become to small, they were all eagerly awaiting the release and we feel so pleased that Amy and Julie designed a product to make our lives and that of our superheroes so much easier.

Do check out Cheeky Chompers, if you have a special needs child or in fact a little baby who has started the awful teething process, they are hands down the best dribble bibs on the market!!!

Thanks to Cheeky Chompers for asking Grayson to be the face of the new Neckerchew, we loved having a little photo shoot and hope the pictures sell how much we love the bibs.

cheeky chompers review

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