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I remember when I first became pregnant I was one of the those Mums who wanted her kids to have retro and wooden toys.

Then as the kids grew I realised that toys that came from their favourite TV shows were a ton of fun. The kids would engage with them more as they recognised and had a fondness for them, it would bring their imagination out and they would play well.

So when we heard Go Jetters toys were on the market we were very excited. Fisher Price kindly sent us some of the range to share with you all.

We have to start with Ubercorn Plush, as you can see from the pictures he has been greatly welcomed, actually a little to welcomed as everybody wants Ubercorn cuddles.

Ubercorn Go Jetters Toy from Fisher Price / Innocent Charms Chats

Grayson has won though as we rarely find a toy that he loves so much, being plush makes him loved from a cuddly point of view but then he plays masses of phrases from the show as well as the famous and much-loved theme tune. Even Grayson can activate the toy which is brilliant.

What more Ubercorn himself sent the kids a message on Instagram after seeing how much they loved him, they were so pleased.

We also got sent Jet Pad HQ and figure packs (4 to collect). I am not sure about your kids but mine love toys that have little characters to play with.

Go Jetters Toys

First thing I love the size of the Go Jetters toys, we have a few from magazines and they were always a bit small, these are perfect hand size from 1 upwards, plus they are made with the usual Fisher Price quality so no little parts to worry too much about with smaller children (recommended age is 3).

We love the light up projector screen, the kids could not believe how much it was like the TV show and love turning to see the different places the Jetters are going to save.

Go Jetters Toys Review / Innocent Charms Chats

The Jet Pad HQ playset includes rolling wheels and is loaded with features like a slide, a hidden room where special click- ons (exclusive to this playset) are stored, plus a secret hangar room!

I could chat away about how much the kids have loved this set but all you need to know is if your kids love Go Jetters then this needs to be on their Christmas list. Addison and Deacon have added the other sets to theirs.

Don’t forget hashtag your Ubercorn photos on Instagram as you may to get a message from the Unicorn Funkmaster too.

Go Jetters Toy Review / Innocent Charms Chats

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