Review // Kurio Tab 2 – First Thoughts

No matter how much you try to hide from it kids are using technology from a much younger age.

Grayson has had a tablet since he was 2, in the hope it would help him with development, so Addison has always been interested in tablets.



The worrying thing is most tablets are able to allow children to access things way above their years, so when Kurio sent us the Tab 2 I was excited to see how this would work for my 4-year-old from a fun/educational point of view but also the safety aspects.

The Kurio Tab 2 is easy to set up, I left the Mr with the job as he is the real Tech addict and he instantly said to me he was shocked at how fluid the screen is compared to other children’s tablets we had in the past.

The Kurio Tab 2 allows you to have a parental control with a pin which means you have full control over setting what the child can do on the tablet.

I was hugely impressed as I started flicking through to see that the Tab 2 has 60 pre loaded apps, including games, educational apps, videos, ebooks and more safe for children to watch. My only bug bear to that is that a lot of the apps require are some of the games have locked content after a certain point that you have to pay for or progress in the game and Addison has not fully got to understand this yet.

The Kurio Tab 2 uses the Google Play store so there are millions more apps waiting, we have promised Addison that is she completes all her homework this next couple of weeks then she can have the new Paw Patrol game, so she is very excited.

Kurio Tab 2

Our First Thoughts Pros

  • Comes with a protective silicone case to protect, perfect for little people
  • Very fluid, not like a child tablet at all, so great for little fingers
  • Great internal memory (8GB) but also the ability to add SD card for storage of her many pictures
  • Great safety features even on the YouTube app – Addison loves watching videos on it and I do not have to panic
  • Ability to have 8 separate users, this is going to come in handy with Deacon as he is already showing a great interest
  • Ability to set time limits, I love that you can do this, at the moment Addison sits with us when she uses it, but as she grows we can set screen time and then she will have to walk away
  • Pre loaded content – all the apps are fab, but in particular Addison has loved the videos (Tsum Tsum ones are fantastic) and the ebooks help her to read tough words

First Thoughts Niggles

  • Can be a little slow to load
  • Some of the apps need to be bought before kids can progress

Kurio Tab 2 Review

Honestly I could go on and on with our 1st thoughts, Addison simply said “I love my Pad Mummy”, she would play on it all the time if we gave her the chance, it really is a must buy for the Christmas gifts, Addison has already told her friend Lily all about it and her Mum came and questioned me so that is review enough I think.

Do come back over the next couple of months, to find out how we get on and a little more in detail looks at what the Kurio Tab 2 has to offer, if you have any questions now though please do ask.

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