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I have had 2 requests from Fi from Childcare is Fun and Love in The Nest to raise awareness for for Children of Africa who are dying needlessly.

Blog Hop – To encourage people to sign the e-petition bloggers have been asked to write 100 words about how #healthcareworkers have changed your lives and ask other bloggers to do the same.

Most of you know I have 2 babies, Grayson my son who is brain damaged since before birth, my son is incredible but I know that if it wasn’t for the NHS good or bad he may not be here today.
Since our little girl Addison was born we have again had to use the help of healthcare professionals as she has too had problems.
We have had to use the NHS more than most and I am very thankful for the service we receive free of charge in the UK.

Children deserve this care, they should have the opportunity for basic medicine, immunisation and a chance to live.
In the world’s poorest countries, 8 million children under five die needlessly every year. They’ll never get the chance to fulfil their potential. Most are killed by illnesses we know how to prevent and treat, such as diarrhoea and pneumonia.
Every single day, thousands of children face starvation. In 2011, this is totally and utterly wrong.

Although our care has not been what I feel even we deserve it is so much more than the poor children of countries like Africa, so help us change this, help us make a difference.

Sign the e-petition and help us get to 60,000 signatures for Christine to take to General Assembly, together we can change their lives.

I tag the following people, please help, if you can’t post then take the 30 seconds to sign the petition.


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