Say Hello To Mabel

Last week I shared the news that I had become an Auntie again and I promised to come along and share some more news once all were settled.

My sister finally returned home with my new niece on Sunday after being in the hospital for a few days with a suspected infection.

So for the details, welcome to the world…

Mabel Janelle, 6lbs 4oz born 11.18pm on August 3rd.

She is a beauty, looking more like our side of the family than her big sister with dark hair, long fingers and toes and Olive skin tone.

Of course, she immediately knew her Auntie Kar-Kar loves her a lot and will be her best friend for life, thanking me with a big smile and wide open eyes.

It was a real honour being the one to take her big sister to meet her for the first time and photographing the moment, Ivy and I chatted in the car on the way and she was very excited to meet “My beautiful little baby Mabel.”

You can see the love already.

I can not wait for Ashley (Uncle Clash) to meet his new niece.  Ashley is an excellent Uncle that Ivy is very lucky to have and I know my sister feels the same way and is always thankful for them to have such an awesome Uncle.

Addy and Deacon had a quick cuddle this week and I was very proud of how tender and loving they both were.

Can’t wait to show more of my little Mableeeee with you all over the years.

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