School In A Year!

As Grayson went back to school for his 2nd year last week it hit me this time next year my 2 eldest babies would be at school, gone from me for 6 hours per day. I was very vocal online when Grayson started school how hard it was, he is my 1st baby but more than that with his disabilities sending him to school was like sending a 6 month old baby, I cried the whole first week, it still is hard but I know he loves school by the most part.

I always thought sending Addison would be easy, I knew she would come home and communicate how her day had been, she has been going to preschool 2 full days a week since she was 2 and a half, but it is hitting me hard, all I keep doing is counting down how much longer I have her at home. Addison and I had a troubled start, she was poorly with bad colic/reflux and I had terrible PND, I loved her so much but our connection was not there and when she was only 2 weeks old I had to return to work 4 days a week.

Addison and I

I was unsure how our lives would go, but after the first very hard 6/9 months we started to bond like no other, she is my little girl, the one who makes me laugh, telling me the cutest stories, always up for adventure or a day shopping. The thought of her not being there for a quick trip to the shop or helping me hang the washing is so difficult. The thought that she may shower someone else with those cuddles, that someone else will have to convince her that when she falls it will be ok is soon, not only going to be a dreaded thought but a reality.

Fairy have listened to thousands of Mums across the UK and it seems we all agree. It is not just me who thinks those preschool years are the most treasured, when asked over 25% of mums like me missed those soft kisses and cuddles and more than anything the child’s company. So if like me you feel this way you are not alone. Fairy are encouraging Mums to embrace every moment – make sure that you give them that extra big cuddle every day before the school run becomes the every day.

Mother and daughter

To spread that positive message Fairy have made the softest most precious video you shall ever watch, honestly I had tears, life is too short, take the time to make the everyday as special as the big days, wear your best clothes, have picnics inside no matter the mess, splash in muddy puddles don’t stand on the sidelines.

Make memories. Addison and I certainly will this next 11 months.


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