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When Clara and Kirsty told me about their new linky they were starting in 2014 I knew it was a bit of me. 2014 is going to be our happy year no matter how it started.

I had a post all written last week to share and then yesterday a MIRACLE happened and I got a message from Kirsty saying “with your awesome news this week, I recon you have a great post to link up with our new happiness linky.”

She was not wrong, but I had no picture, she reminded me it wasn’t about a picture, their linky was just about Sharing a Happy Moment and yesterday was a mixed day but wow wee, we had one.

Yesterday Grayson who can you believe it is now 5, had his annual major development assessment, in the past this has always been met with major news, this time it was not much different, there is so much I need to share which I shall do later this week, but for today I shall share but a snippet.

Grayson’s Paed I respect massively, she has always been such an optimist, so blunt and honest and I like that, I need that. Grayson was very tired in the appointment (being up half the night and still unwell will do that to you) but he still decided to share some of his awesome standing up straight and tall walking skills with her, she looked on smiling as if he were her own child, she has cared for Grayson since he was 6 months old, so I honestly believe in a way she feels pure pleasure when she saw this.

She turned to us and said that she has always told us she believes in miracles and today she had seen one, although she had never told us, she was never sure Grayson with his many medical problems would be able to walk, if he did it would be years in the future, but today he stood and preformed one of her believed miracles.

Now only if she would have known what would happen but 2 short hours later….

Grayson went back to school, had a nice nap and in the words of his teacher “Was in the happiest mood he had ever had at school”, he decided that he wanted to do some walking, so stood away from the table and usually would grab one of the staff hand, but today he said nope, not only did he then stand there with NO SUPPORT (this has never happened) but he then at the shock of all took not 1, but 5 UNAIDED steps, the staff went all around him fearful he would collapse, but he didn’t, he walked!!!

I can not probably describe how AMAZING this is, I know for you all it is hard to understand how weak and un-capable his body really is to have completed this task. I shall be ringing his Paed today to tell her the news, I can see the smile on her face as I close my eyes.

I am the proudest Mummy in the world, but hell I am that everyday. Grayson has climbed Mountains, I swear he is doing it as he knows so many of you are behind him, I was only showing him the updated Raising For Grayson site 2 nights ago and I think that spurred him on.

raising for grayson

Beautiful picture taken by Kirsty of My Two Mums last week of Grayson Cruising

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