>She Will Have Rings on Her Fingers & Toes


Hello Girlfriends (sorry mad moment)

Well I have actually done something crafty over the past couple of days, I have been meaning to do these to sell for a while now, as the first few I made I gave to my family but I have finally made some more.

Some are made with some pretty buttons I got off of Etsy (oh I love buttons) and some with Plectrums they seem to be a real in thing at the mo (god i feel old saying that).

I used E6000 this time as the ones with superglue did not hold out to good, I am not sure if I do it properly though, can I ask do you push together surfaces straight away or leave for a couple of Min’s, I find the instructions a bit vague ?

Anyway back to the daily grind, I have made some jewellery for my sister’s birthday on Friday but I don’t want to show you yet cause she has been bored lately and seems to sometimes pass through my blog, so will show you on Friday.

Good evening to all

P.S. Remember a while ago I promised to do monthly giveaways, well I forgot to do them oops, so as from end of week they shall be starting again so stayed tuned.

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