Siblings // August 2016

One of the best things about the Summer Holidays is having all my babies together, don’t get me wrong it is hard work and the younger two well they fight ALOT, but they also have moments where they really enjoy life together.

It also should mean great opportunitiesĀ for getting that illusive picture of them all happy together, but between me working nearly all the holidays so far and them not being co-operative these are the best I have to share with you.


I did that naughty thing of matching/not matching, they still think it is kind of cute though so it worked in my favour. Deacon always wants to shout in pictures at the moment so you are never sure which stage of mouth you will get.

My Siblings

Don’t they look a happy bunch ? They actually were but when I took the picture it seems they were not. I do love this though as it shows how they are siblings a little different but all the same, enjoy park time.

I would love some tips of how to get them to co-operate, Grayson is the most willing funny enough, the other two just sulk when I ask.

I hope you were all a little more successful in your attempts.

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