Siblings In April 2017

Oh, April you have been pretty good to these Siblings of mine.

Our Easter Holidays started on the 1st and we have been busy. In the past 15 days, they have only had one day without any form of “adventure”. 

The weather has been good to us, very good indeed, which has meant that getting out is possible for the Superhero and his sidekicks. Beaches, parks, zoos, country parks and more have been visited.

Last Thursday we put our new National Trust membership to good use, heading to Ightham Mote

The last time we headed to Ightham Mote was 28th June 2015, we had the most amazing day, all the kids loved it, as did we. But then that evening ended up being the worst day of our lives so far.

I am not sure why but before now I just couldn’t go back there. Silly as our time at Ightham Mote had no relevance to what happened. But now it was time to go back and break those feelings.

I am so glad we did, we had a perfect day once again, even more than last time all the kids thrived there. We even enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt.

We couldn’t go back without recreating the Sibling shot we took there in June 2015 and never got to share (before now).

June 2015, they all look younger, but especially look at the difference in my girlie…

Seeing how much our little Siblings have changed in nearly 2 years in the same spot at Ightham Mote

She has turned into a grown up little girl, Deacon his face less rounded, more structured. 

…and Grayson, what a hellish time you have had since that day, but still you are smiling, still you are fighting on and we are proud.

I am thinking we shall maybe make it an annual visit, ask them to take a photo in here until they can not longer fit. 

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