Siblings // May 2017

Historically May is usually a month we can get a cute Siblings photo. With the weather being good (not this year) we tend to go out more and then there is always Addison’s Birthday Party which allows for a cute Sibling shot.

But this May it hasn’t really worked like that.

First up the weather has not been great, so although we have got out it certainly is not as much as usual and when we have Grayson has been really wrapped up.

Addison’s party was this weekend, but it was just such madness (good madness) that I never got a chance to really take any pics.

Check out the kids on Dover Seafront, it was not an awful day Weather wise but the kids were really not up for photos, hence the faces.

At least Addison has a pretty windswept smile

The boys were actually happy

The “We have had enough now Mummy” faces

So let’s hope I am more successful next month, at least we have a half term break and hopefully some Sun to look forward too.

I feel the need for some matching/unmatching outfits too.


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