Sleep Is For The Weak – Not With The Baby Bedtime Book!

On Thursday I made a journey to Stafford, I was so proud to have been invited to share in a dear friends first (of many) book launch.

Fi once Nanny and Nursery Nurse, is now Mama extraordinaire to 2 little beauties whilst running Childcare Is Fun, blog and parenting site, where she receives over 200 emails a week for parenting advice which she replies to for FREE (crazy isn’t she?).


I’ve had sleep advice from my real life Mary Poppins for all 3 of my children, it worked a dream with Addison nearly 2 and a half years ago now and I can not tell you how many hours she has spent helping me to find the best way to deal with Grayson’s sleeping issues – yep that’s right Fi helps any child, no matter his or her problems.

After so much success in helping parents have nights of blissful sleep after getting to their wits end she finally found the time (don’t ask me how) to pen her first book The Baby Bedtime Book: Say goodnight to sleepless nights.


The book offers advice from newborn to pre-teen, any parent with a child with sleeping problems this book is a TOTAL must, I already own a copy myself and am reading now to see if I can improve little Deacon’s early wake ups, Fi’s help and advice has thankfully got him most days having 2 hours nap a day. My sister and friend both have the book on pre-order for when it is released in a few weeks, as do many others I am guessing as this week the book hit Amazons Top 100 Parenting Books on pre-sales, this makes my heart so happy for Fi.

The book launch was a lovely day, I only wish I had had more time to spend up in Stafford with some lovely people, Fi treated us to yummy cake, great conversation and even an extract read by the lady herself along with a lovely speech, which you can watch below.

If I need to sell Fi to you anymore, which seriously there is no way I must need to, she seriously is as awesome as Mary Poppins (but way cooler), Fi is also one of the most generous people on the planet, not only is she climbing Mount Snowdon with the Raising for Grayson team in August for my superstar, she tirelessly helps raise money and awareness for Hugs For Noah, who luckily enough I finally got to meet at the book launch along with his inspirational Mama Shelly.


Please, please, please do go take a look on Amazon to learn more about the book, it is a steal at under £10, honestly I would have paid hundreds to get the help she gave me getting my bubbas to sleep.


Disclosure – I was NOT financially compensated or asked to write about this book in anyway, I just wanted to share.


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