Slow Cooked Chicken Fajita Recipe

Mexican is the food of choice in our house, at least 3 nights a week it is dinner, Tacos/Nachos/Enchiladas and Fajitas make it to the table most, but there is little we don’t enjoy, well expect for refried beans for me.

Fajitas has quickly become the weekly staple and that is all down to me cooking them in the slow cooker, I have to say once you have them this way I am not sure you can go back, much like Quesadillas on the BBQ.

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The picture really does not do them justice, they are so yummy and simple, don’t believe me then just follow the instructions and pictures below and you will see.


Ingredients (Makes Approx. 8 Fajitas)

* Fajita Seasoning

* 400g Chicken Breasts

* Jar or Sachet of Salsa

* 2 small onions or 1 large onion

* Peppers, at least one large

* Teaspoon of butter

* Flour Tortillas

slow cooker fajitas

1. Slice Peppers and Onions, put teaspoon of butter on base of slow cooker then add vegetables on top evenly spaced

2. Put Chicken Breasts on top of vegetables


3. Add Fajita seasoning on top of Chicken and then Salsa

4. Cook on low for 4/6 hours


5. Once cooked shred chicken breasts using 2 forks and stir

6. Serve and Enjoy

Slow Cooker Fajitas Recipe

Told you they were simple, but the taste is unreal, like no other Fajitas and trust me I have eaten many. I warn you though the smell that fills your house makes you hungry all day whilst they cook.

Today’s recipe shows me using Santa Maria products, of all the brands I have to say they are by far the most authentic tasting. My Mom has cooked Mexican for us since we were children, coming from Southern California Mexican food was very present in her up bringing and she agrees with me when it comes to taste.

Obviously you can also cook the recipe with ingredients from scratch, make your own salsa and seasoning, but this meal is my go to on a work day so easiness is key for me, but honestly taste is not compromised.


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