>Smiling Makes the World a Good Place

Yesterday I was luckily enough to smile all day long, the main reason was my dear blog pal Monica, she is such an amazing sweet artist who with every comment makes me smile and yesterday was no exception, as she left me a comment asking me to go to her blog, when I got there I found she had given me the “you make me smile award” this was a total honour as, as I said I always felt it to be the other way around.
So I thank you sweet sweet Monica for making my day and it turn I shall past it on to the following people…

Firstly of course My Blogger Babes Christine, Laura and Nikki, all 3 girlz know why they are so special to me, if it wasn’t for them I may have given up blogging along time ago, they inspire me, help me, love me and make me smile and I am thankful to you all.

Also Shann of Paint Mine Pink, my Aussie Bella is so gorgeous, she shines beauty and love and everyday makes me smile with her warmth, posts, creative greatness and her words to me.

Lastly I will be giving the award to Genevieve, this lady is totally amazing, I mean she has the busiest life I have ever heard of and still has the time to contact me by email when she thinks I maybe down or just to say hello, how beautiful is that.

I also want to say every comment I have received over the past year makes me smile, in same way you all deserve this award, so thanks to all.


P.S. Pop back tomorrow, I have loads of piccy’s to show you from my great Sunday experience and also the amazing parcel that came from Laura last night.

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