>Snow Day – Time to Relax


Snow Day, originally uploaded by innocentcharmer.

I know our Snow is nothing like you girls are having in America, but by English standards with our little tiny cars and roads this was a day of no leaving the house unless on foot.

Ashley tried to go to work at 5am and drove into a 4ft snow drift which left him digging the car out until 6am. Men Huh!

In the morning whilst Grayson was on his nap (at home with his Auntie) Ashley and I went for a nice walk in the snow, it was like being a child all over again.

The middle picture shows the road out of our home, normally the fields either side are 4ft higher than the roadway not that day.

Our little house looks so romantic all covered in the white stuff as does the British Red Post box at the end of our driveway.

It was a fun day until we realised we had run out of food, luckily the farmer came late that evening and ploughed a pathway out, as the nearest shop is a 15/20 minute drive away.

Well I hope you are all well, I am really enjoying getting the odd blog post on again, hopefully there will be some crafting again some time soon.

Love to all on Valentines.


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