Solo School Runs Thanks To LilleBaby

My biggest problem since Deacon was born was solo school runs, or even going out with all 3 safely. Grayson although taking steps is still most of the time in his SN Pushchair, Addison is 3 and walks capably and rarely needs a pushchair, but she also still has little road sense and demands I hold her hand, well this is just impossible whilst carrying Deacon.

When he was 1st born it was ok with the wrap, although I was usually running late so that would take crucial time, so I would sometimes be found carrying Addy and Deacon into school (no small task) and then waiting till all the buses, cars were gone and praying I could get them back to the car ok.

It was hard work, nearly involved Addison getting run over, Deacon being balanced on Grayson’s hood to his pushchair and even a runaway pushchair situation once.


I needed a solution, so when Lillebaby sent me their Baby Carrier Complete I was hoping that would be the case. I had a baby carrier for about 2 months when Addison was small and hated it, even though she loved it, it was uncomfortable, fiddly to put on and would kill my back after 10 minutes, I would constantly hold onto her as it did not feel safe, so honestly I wasn’t sure how I would get on.

The first thing I was surprised about was how easy it was to get on and off, I literally have minutes if that on the school run, I was surprised how it is similar to just putting a back pack on, the clips are simple and the carrier only has two to actually secure. Neither were hard to reach, even being super short like me with bad back. Talking of bad backs it comes with a great lumbar support (optional) and lovely wide waist band and straps, so nothing cut into me and felt comfortable.

Lilelbaby Complete Carrier

The carrier can take babies from 7-45lbs, so this is a carrier you have from day one, I have actually carried Addison in it once on my back and was shocked how comfy it felt to carry a 3 year old.

Some facts about the carrier

  • 6 Carry Positions – all the carrying positions in one.
  • Ergonomic Face forward option.
  • Priceless Lumbar Support
  • Neck Support – understand the difference.
  • Long life span. Baby weight range: 7*-45 lb
  • Adjustable Wide-seat/Narrow-seat combo
  • Hood
  • Lightweight Only 1.34lbs

I have only tried 3 of the carry positions but all are comfy, Deacon now at 13 months prefers to face out to the world, he loves that he is the right height to hold onto the Pushchair handle too, but I have had him asleep facing me whilst we walked along the seafront. I love the  addition of the hood that comes up over babies head, it is to hold a tiny baby safely, but it works great to keep their heads protected from the elements and hides nicely in the carrier when not in use.

Lillebaby carrier review

Another thing I love that is hidden is the little zip pocket at the bottom of the carrier, it is in perfect hand reach whilst you carry and is just the right size for the car keys and mobile phone whilst I am on the school run, I know they are safe and no fear of them falling out.

Lastly like every baby product should be the carrier is fully machine washable (thank god) as this week Grayson dropped his juice cup all over the carrier in the car and it leaked, so into the washer it has gone and come out perfect, but a must with a newborn through the sick stage,

I honestly love this carrier, it has made my life so much easier, it has given me the ability to leave the house with all 3 kids with no fear of not being in control, Deacon is a clingy baby anyway so he is loving being that much closer to Mummy, I only wish I had had it 6 months ago.

Lillebaby Baby Carrier Review

The carrier can be found at Amazon, The Nappy Lady and many more retailers.


Disclosure – We were sent the Lillebaby Carrier FOC for purpose of review.


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