Sophie Le Giraffe Goes To The Zoo Party

Many of you may remember back in January on Grayson’s 5th Birthday he was on life support in hospital, we decided after this being his 3rd Birthday unwell we would pick another date to be his second Birthday, in a warmer month when hopefully he would not be plagued with infections. So April 4th became his unofficial birthday and party date.

Plans started, Grayson loves Sophie Le Giraffe, it is his favourite toy, so what would be better than having it as his party theme, I contacted BUMP PR and wondered if they could help me to get in touch with Sophie Le Giraffe and send out a couple of posters as decorations, the girls at BUMP as always went above and beyond and within a week a large parcel arrived from 1 Two Kids the UK Sophie Le Giraffe company, they sent us some awesome goodies after hearing all about my superstar, including a HUGE Sophie Le Giraffe cut out, posters, mini Sophie Keyrings for the goody bags and even a new Sophie for Grayson.

I decided on a yellow and brown theme, to tie in with Giraffes, I started to make Sophie Le Giraffe bunting by printing Sophies and mounting onto yellow card. The fab people at Party Delights then contacted me on Twitter and asked if they could to help to make Grayson’s party magical.

They sent out fab party supplies all in Bright Yellow – plates, table cloths, cups, napkins, balloons and more, such great quality and super speedy delivery. They also added some fab little jungle themed toys for the goody bags for his school friends.

Everything was going well, I ordered Mini Rodini Giraffe clothes for the kids as a treat, I had the cake designed in my head, replies came in, then 2 days before his party Grayson woke up with Chicken Pox and serious ones at that, they were in his eyes, mouth, his skin had nowhere that didn’t have a spot.

sophie le giraffe partyI must confess I had a meltdown, I cried, I was so angry that my poor little boy was again unwell, he had no idea but as his Mummy I was heartbroken, but after a great talking to from my friends and hubby I decided we would have to have a joint party on Addison’s Birthday in May.

This didn’t mean the Sophie Le Giraffe theme was out the window, it hit me instantly, Addison is animal crazy, in fact for her birthday she was supposed to be going to the Zoo, so I decided that the Zoo would come to her and we would have a new theme of….

Sophie Le Giraffe Visits the Zoo

Everything that had been done would still tie in perfectly, as numbers not only doubled but quadrupled after everyone wanted to help them both have the best birthday ever I knew I had to get shopping, we ended up with nearly 50 children and at least as many adults, more partyware would be needed to I headed back to Party Delights and bought more plates etc, I changed the colour theme to now include green shades as well. I bought extra plates (some for Deacon’s upcoming party) and some to make Animal Plate Dec’s to hang around the room, they were so simple, using card and pens I already had, they were low cost and effective.

party plate animals

My Mom made the kids a Zoo train and Birthday bunting which I had seen an idea of on Pinterest, I was running out of time so she bailed me out kindly. The train worked fantastically for holding all the crisps, we went with simple party food due to the sheer number of people, sandwiches, cakes, and some awesome all natural sweeties from Goody Good Stuff, who sent them for the kids bags and to enjoy on the day. The sweets are all natural and free from lactose and gluten, more importantly they are SUPER DELICIOUS! They were even little animals perfect for our theme.

goody good stuff sweets

I spent most of the Friday making the kids cakes, my Mom back in April made Grayson a fondant Sophie Le Giraffe cake topper, which was fantastic, I knew his cake would be simple on the outside and awesome on the inside, I made it look like Giraffe Print and it worked fab.

Sophie Le Giraffe Birthday Cake

Addison’s cake I wanted to be a Zoo with an extra wow factor, I saw the cake idea on Pinterest (check out my party inspiration board) but instead of fondant animals that would just get chucked away I decided on plastic zoo animals she could keep and play with.

I was HUGELY impressed with myself at how her cake came out, everyone as they arrived could not believe it and Addison literally smiled every time she saw it so it achieved what I had wanted.

Zoo Birthday Cake

The Sophie Le Giraffe’s I started to make for the bunting, I ended up sticking all over the hall, the present and goody bag table was decorated with little Sophie’s as well as the fab Skip Hop backpacks that the lovely people at Safe Tots sent for them both as Birthday gifts. We love Skip Hop bags, Addison already has the giraffe which she now uses for school, we use these bags for day trips out or when they go off with the Grandparents, I love them so much and they worked perfectly with the theme. I have since ordered Deacon the Dino one for his Birthday Present (ssh).

Sophie Le Giraffe Birthday Party

The goody bags were simple brown paper bags painted with a giraffe print, they were filled with many a Zoo/Giraffe treasure, I always like to tailor my goody bags to match the theme, we had notepads, teethers, pencils, key rings, toys, bubbles, sweets and more inside each bag, a little present for all who attended.

sophie le giraffe party

As I mentioned before we were sent a giant Sophie, she could not be left without getting into party mode, after the success of last years Photo Booth, we decided to have Photo’s with Sophie, the lovely people at Party Delights also sent fantastic Photo Booth props (they really have everything you need for a party), I made Sophie a nice Zebra print bowtie and it was set, the kids loved it and many a picture was taken, I love the fact people will have this memory from the kids party, what a great way for them to remember it for years to come, Sophie shall be going on to live in our home, either in Grayson’s bedroom or the Playroom, she is too cute.

Mini Rodini

I was so pleased with the end result, could I have done more, why of course, as usual with everything lately I left a lot till the last-minute, but over 50 children attended and had a wonderful time, 10 Mums commented to me they are worried about living up to my parties. Most importantly my babies enjoyed jot, that was crucial for me, that they have memories for a lifetime, that when they are grown they think back to happy days.

Most importantly my Superhero, he had an amazing time and to all the companies above that made that happen for him I am externally grateful, we are never sure how many parties he will get to enjoy, so to see his face through this party was magical, as his Mummy it is what gets me through everyday, to see him fight his sensory struggles and laugh, to bounce on a bouncy castle, have a photo with Sophie (when all he wanted to do was nap) and to sit in amongst the daisies and just be him!


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