>Sorry, Bang, One world one heart and a giveaway

>This post has a lot to it today firstly apologies, I will be catching up on my “the everyday of Kara” hopefully by tomorrow, but I have a great excuse, Saturday PM as I sat on my sofa all warm under my blanket just about to do my daily post, I start smelling a funny burning smell, I rush round the house thinking for sure I had left the hob on (do this quiye alot oopps) nothing, umm how strange, so I sat back down get cozy when all of a sudden BANG, yes you guessed it my laptop ca put, I couldn’t believe it, oh no my pretty apple, my blog, my buddies oh what shall I do, well after much investigation my hubby (the tech guy) has decided he thinks the laptop maybe ok and its just the charging unit that has died, so hence I am waiting for the 14 days from China for a new one ugh!
So in turn I have had no chance to post, as many of you know I am super busy at work and its our yearly audit so mannnniiicccc, to top it all off Hubby is in bed poorly and I am rushing around, so bear with me I shall catch up, my trusty camera has stored the updates.

So today I thought I would share with you guys a great annual blogwide event a dear lady named Lisa has set up, this is her second year and thanks to a few dear friends Shann,Laura,Nikki and I am sure more it was brought to ny attention and as many of you know I love a giveaway so I had to join in.

This is how it is described……

The One World, One Heart event is an annual celebration of the world as a community and was designed to bring bloggers all over the world together. I’ve decided to participate in this wonderful event! Visit here to get more information about it! HINT: You really want to follow the link, because there are a ton of prizes to win from all the participating bloggers!

this is just such a fab idea, I love meeting new friends and seeing people wear my jewellery, so my little giveaway is this simple summer piece, the Necklace features one of my first ever Polymer Beads on double stranded suede.
So just enter by leaving a comment and don’t forget to go and visit all the bloglanda babes that have giveaways too, you cvould have lots of little gifts coming your way.

So love to you all and don’t forget I will be back.


UPDATE – Miss Ditzy here forgot to add winner will be drawn on 14th. lol


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