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Grayson is diasbled, there is no denying that, I don’t hide it, I don’t feel ashamed, I like to embrace it, I have to believe he was put into our lives for a reason, I think that reason is not only cause he is super awesome and makes people smile, but it is to educate and help the world be a better place.


Square Peg Clothing are an all female family run business who share my views, they contacted me on twitter to spread their awesomeness. They are a company who sell clothing embracing the difference, the world of special needs, with fantastic slogans on Tee’s, Hoodies and Bags for adults and children alike.

But what makes Square Peg Clothing real angels on earth is the fact they give 100% of Profits to help Children With Disabilities – yep you read that right 100%!!!!!!!

They kindly sent Grayson the hoodie below, as I have shared before Grayson has a rare genetic condition, which at the moment is un-named as he is the only child in the UK like him, so how perfect is the slogan on his new hoodie –


genetic condition

Grayson has been wearing the Hoodie every weekend and even once to school, it is the best quality and the colour just pops, I think he looks so handsome in it but then I am a little bias.

I am now going to buy him probably another hoodie and a tee for the Summer months, as well as the slogan he has this one is majorly appropriate.

square peg clothing

I am hoping maybe in the future maybe they shall do slogans that myself, Ash and the other kiddies could wear to support Grayson, I think that would be a great angle don’t you ? I am loving the colours they offer too, no washy paleness, stand out and be proud colours, as let’s be honest Children like Grayson deserve to be noticed!

Square Peg Clothing Colours

Please if I ask you anything today do go follow Square Peg Clothing on Twitter and help them to spread their awesomeness, 100% of profit goes to children like Grayson, that is generosity to the max!

Disclosure – We were sent the hoodie FOC from Square Peg, they did not ask for a review but how could I not!

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