Stokke Xplory a Year On

A year ago we were lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous Red Stokke Xplory to test out and share with you. Nearly a year on we are still loving our Xplory, as much if not more than before, so much so we have several Stokke products in the home and with the upcoming arrival of Baby SweetPea we have a wish list of many more Stokke products for him.

A year ago
A year ago

Yesterday Addison and I popped shopping in town, Addison loves her Xplory, not only is she comfy in it, but she loves how nosy she can be, I am sure Stokke never thought that would be the greatest selling point for a 20 month old but it really is. She is the same height as the rest of the world, so unlike most kids who just see legs she gets to see people’s faces and watch them.


Every time we go anywhere with the Xplory we are stopped a host of times, yesterday was 6 in fact in 2 small hours, some go “oh how space age” some want to know all the ins and outs of the pushchair as their daughter/granddaughter/nephew is expecting, but most are just so interested in seeing the little girl riding along in it.

If Addison was in another brand I really don’t think she would attract so much attention, I have watched this over many months and people just don’t see kids in pushchairs when they are riding around at knee or waist height, they don’t engage with them, see their smiley faces, or even a quick wave. Where as with the Xplory being a connection stroller and being that much higher they do, Addison made 3 old people smile yesterday, she waved to them, chatted with them and said goodbye as we walked off, I generally believe it made their day and it certainly makes mine when we receive such beautiful compliments about my daughter.

I believe the Stokke Xplory has helped and is helping to bring on Addison’s development and life skills.

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