Stokke Xplory – Our Top 10

Have you ever tried the Stokke Xplory Pushchair ?

Have you ever seen one on the street ?

You would remember if either had ever happened, as the Stokke Xplory is such a revolutionary design that it literally stops people in their tracks.

Our Gorgeous Red Xplory

We have had our Xplory for over 4 months now and I felt it was time to share our top 10 reasons why we LOVE the Stokke Xplory.

  1. Parent and Forward Facing with ease – The Xplory in less than 30 seconds can face you or face out to the world, I would never own a pushchair that does not have this option. When young it’s important that baby looks at you for development. Now Addison is older she is enjoying looking out to the world. 
  2. Pushing Height – Where the Xplory is like NO other pushchair is for its height choices, the central rod design allows not only the seat height to be changed but that of the handle bar too, this is crucial for a family like ours as there is nearly a whole foot in height between Mr Innocent Charmer and myself, but Ash and I can both comfortably push the Xplory. The handle adjusts in several positions too allowing for more comfort.
  3. Child Seat Height/Positioning – Additional to that of the handle bar height the childs seat also has the ability to move up and down making the child the right height for who is pushing, but more importantly to that is that the Xplory allows for your baby to be higher than in any other Pushchair, so no bending to baby, no hiding them down by people’s legs, this is fantastic for people who suffer with back problems like myself, it’s also better for baby development. Most importantly to Addison, it’s Lift Mirror Height, fab for her to check herself out and for us to get pictures.
  4. Washable Covers – All the covers are machine washable, if this needs explaining more, then you aren’t a parent.
  5. Colour Choices – The Xplory every year has new colours coming out but the colour choices on the market are excellent, muted tones like Black/Beige/Green or if you are daring like us there is Purple and The Bright Red we have.
  6. Not Ageist – The Xplory is a pushchair without use of any extras that is usable from 0-4yrs. Grayson although small in weight is the height of a normal 3 1/2yo and there is still room for him. Addison has been using the Pushchair since she was 7 months and fits perfectly. (Pram and Car seat additions are available)
  7. Movablility – The Xplory literally turns on a sixpence, this is my 5th pushchair and I have never had one that moves so fluidly, everyone who pushes it comments, including the older generation who have not been so sure on it. In town in the shops it works brilliantly.
  8. Great for Toy Interaction – Stokke has worked well to make the Xplory toy accessable, they have a small loop on the hood for adding hanging toys for when babies are younger, then there is the activity bar which is a perfect height, Addy has a book and a butterfly that hook on and she plays with when out and about. She has also has enough room in the Xplory to even play with her ball.
  9. Ease of Use – When asking Mr Innocent Charmer his top 10 for the Xplory, Number 1 for him was how easy the Xplory is to put up and down, he loves it for that, much to many people’s comments too if fits very easily in the boot, you just have to think a little more.
  10. Accessories – Stokke have thought it through even more, you can buy Winter & Summer Kits for the Xplory, the Winter Kit makes baby nice and toasty as well as providing lovely Mit’s for whoever is pushing. The Summer Kit has major Sun protection as well as seat liners to stop baby sweating, we shall be purchasing both. You also can get a cup holder for your drink (we are awaiting delivery) as well as Buggy Boards for older siblings.
Picture Property of Stokke

So as you can see we LOVE the Xplory and Stokke design, the top quality for us has been the height and positioning of the seat, Addison is a very moody baby and hates Highchairs out and about, but she loves her Xplory, due to this we can push the Xplory up to a table in a restaurant and she is still smiley.

Both our babies have been comfy in the Xplory, they sleep well and are cradled, I have no worries, it is the 1st Standard Pushchair I feel we can even use with Grayson, for these reasons we recommend the Xplory 100%.

Our only concern is that Stokke NEED to do a double as we are planning baby number 3, so please, please, please, Stokke bring out a Tandem.

Disclosure – We were sent the Xplory from Stokke, to share our views across the internet as well as pretty pictures, I think we have achieved this all whilst being honest.

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