Street Art And Fashion In Manchester

Back in May when we headed to Manchester top of my list was to visit the street art in the Northern Quarter and get a picture of the outfit I had worn to BlogOnMSI.

My awesome daughter then demanded I took some pictures of her to share, as always I hated mine but she, well she rocked it.

Street Art is one of my favourite types of art, given the chance I would have a wall in our home covered, I used to go and watch graffiti artists and their talent always amazes me.

Manchester is an amazing city, in the brief 48 hours we were there I fell in love, it feels like a place where I should be, I want to experience for more, I want to get lost in and explore, but for now I will have to share our memories and our outfits…

Addison loves a dress but gets very frustrated by her inability to climb and generally be her. These Zara Jeans and Tee featuring Mickey Mouse were on the top of her birthday list and she wears them so well.

Enamel pins are something Addison is collecting and loving, these beauties were from Little & Fierce and are every little girls faves, Unicorns and Rainbows finish the outfit perfectly.

As I said Addison’s pictures were way cooler than mine, I am doing awkward, geek chic in a Metallic skirt from Elvi, Sky Blue Converse and one of the best tees I have owned from Joanie Clothing, all accessorized with Grey Hair (which I miss).

I really need to learn how to stand better for photos, time to start researching online, if you have any tips let me know.

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