Summer Holiday Activities / Garden Play With House of Fraser

The Summer Holidays are in full swing and finally these past few days we have had dry and even some sunny weather.

The kids were beyond excited as House of Fraser kindly sent us a SeeSaw to play with.

see saw

I have spoken of House of Fraser on my blog before and how their fashion is so varied covering literally everyone well they do not stop there, honestly other than food (although I haven’t checked) they sell everything, they are a one stop shop.

Onto the Seesaw – firstly HUGE bargain, it is currently half price at £29.99, it is aged 3+ but as you can see from the pictures, Deacon the tiny 2-year-old happily managed it as did my super tall 6-year-old Grayson and what more it’s a spiny seesaw – Addison thinks this is magical!

house of fraser review

It took less than 15 minutes to put together for the Hubby and that was with kid help (use this word loosely) it is the perfect size for a garden of any size, I was worried it would be a bit big but I need not have feared and in all honesty they even rode it inside.

Pieces like this will pay for themselves over and over, this will certainly be a firm favourite in our garden for many years I am sure, having a garden was the best move we made last year, outside play during the summer holidays is crucial, it costs nothing (other than original outlay) and lets their imagination develop, Addison has already made games up on her seesaw about soaring to reach aeroplanes.

Do check out House of Fraser, they have so many outdoor toys, even a Multi Play outdoor set for under £60!! Next on Addison’s list I think shall be some Roller Skates. 

What outdoor activities do your kids enjoy ??

House of Fraser Outdoor Toys Review

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