Summer Holiday Activities // Woodland Fun

Kings Wood, Challock

The wood has always been one of my favourite places since being a child, we lived in the middle of nowhere and my favourite memories are when my Dad would manage time off work and we would go for bike rides/walks all day. Seriously no lies sometimes it would cause many an argument between my parents as he would keep us out till 8pm at night, but we loved it, we would go through woods, play in streams, find animals, make up stories, it was magical.

I think now-a-days we get so caught up in an expensive fun at times, I am certainly guilty of it, my children had never if maybe once been near a woods. Addy asking what are we actually going to do, no idea of how we would make our own fun.

We headed to a local woodland that has sculptures, natural made houses and many walks. Although we did not find many of those as we got quite lost. But that was the fun part.

We giggled as we went from this path to that path, no rules, just wandering in the tall trees. We found Mini Beasts (Addison is obsessed), she loved seeing so many Butterflies, caterpillars and more, she laughed as a Spider crawled up my arm.

Summer Holiday Activities

We had sword fights with sticks, smelt and felt flowers, hid in trees and then investigated where that person had gone.

I was so proud when Addison all on her own realised she could make music from different trees and branches (thank you National Trust visits), it was just an excellent morning out.

We packed our usual lunch and sat on grass and ate together out in the fresh air, not even with our usual picnic blanket (it was in the wash), we got muddy, we had dirty finger nails and we looked a state but that made it all the better.

Our day cost nothing other than the little bit of petrol to drive to the woods and Addison has not yet stopped talking about it, we are already planning exploring more local woods, we also want to get a set to explore the Mini Beasts further.

How do you feel about days out to the woods ? If you go what are your kids favourite things to do whilst there ?

Mini Beast Exploring

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