Thanks for the Recharge Pinterest

I know most of you will share my love of Pinterest, it’s a fab site for showing you new recipes, fashion tips and what hair design to choose next.

For someone like me it also plays very well to my creative side, I love design of every kind, interior, fashion, jewellery and all types of crafting, I can often be found spending an hour or 2 looking at jewellery designs and sketching ideas and spin offs from them, it’s my giant online scrapbook.

So I made a vow to myself to stop spending hours a week on Pinterest and not achieve anything from it, so this week I set about my 1st creating a Pinterest Pin.

The first Pin I picked was this one.

Basic concept to make a scarf out of an old tee, all you would need are scissors and a tee, simple.

The original post can be found here at Lakeland Local, it has nice simple clear instructions with pictures, I followed them to the Tee (he he ) only adding my little twist by tying knots in every other dangle on the fringe. The whole process took me a maximum of 15 minutes, I must admit it’s not the tidiest job, my sewing scissors are blunt and next time I would cut the fringe narrower.

I personally think the scarf would look better in a printed Tee, so I shall be heading out to the charity shops to see if I can find a nice print that catches my eye, but even with this £3 old River Island T-Shirt I think it is cute and I have jazzed it up too with several of my brooches and flowers to give it another look.

What do you think ?

Do let me know if Pinterest has inspired you to do anything crafty, I would love to see how others got on.

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