Thanks to Fisher-Price for Making Bath-time Magical

My little girl up until just over a year ago was a water baby. Honestly getting her out of the bath was a task. But then overnight things changed and it was awful. Baths lasted minutes just to wash hair and body, she would scream the entire time and I felt so angry and upset that I had no idea why this was happening.

Jump forward to a few weeks ago and I once again got to sit on the bathroom floor for over 30 minutes watching an amazingly smiley, happy little girl who only cried when she was asked to get out of the bath.

I can not honestly tell you what has changed, bath-time is the same, hair washing is the same but Addison is not. She is finally loving the water again and I am one seriously happy Mummy.

Bath Toy Review

I do think the introduction of new bath toys has made a massive difference. She has learnt she can make toys squirt water, can bounce in the water and she even now thanks to Fisherprice has a Dora The Explorer Swimming Mermaid that can swim all on it’s own.

As a whole I don’t overly buy themed to shows toys, I find kids tastes change so quickly, but this Mermaid is super cute and I think as she looks like a doll she could be loved for a long time past interest in the show.
Addison can easily wind the Necklace to make her swim and her favourite thing is washing Dora’s hair, which she gets to comb and magically her hair changes colour as it is washed. This makes Addison very excited, although she is now asking for pink hair.

Dora The Explorer Swimming Mermaid Review

I think the fact they she demanded Dora went to Gamma’s when she recently stayed for her bath there is review enough on how much Addison loves her.

Thanks Fisher-price for sending us Dora and making bath-time fun again.

Dora can be found in many shops including Amazon.


Disclosure – Fisher-Price sent us the Mermaid FOC for purpose of review, all opinions are our own.

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