The C Word // Supporting Macmillan

Many of you may remember back on June 28th Grayson had an accident which resulted in major surgery on June 29th, what none of you will know is at the same time we were waiting for him to come out of life saving surgery my Mom was waiting to go in for some.

I felt awful that day, my Mom weeks before had found out she had Cancer and was booked for her Op on June 29th, I was going to ring her that morning and then go visit her in the afternoon, more than likely with Addison to cheer her up.

But instead my Mom knew nothing, she didn’t get a call from me, she didn’t know her Grandson was fighting for his life, I am sure that she thought I was an evil daughter as I let her go down for surgery without even saying good luck.

But it had to be done, I knew she would cancel her surgery, she was looking for a way out, I get that, but she couldn’t have one, this had to be done and now 10 weeks on I know she understands and this was the best decision.

I never forget my sister on the phone and saying today I had to say “My Mom has Cancer” to one of her friends, she was crying unsure how to deal with the harsh truth, saying it so bluntly just makes it hit home, it made it real, that C word. One simple word has such an impact.

Our Mom is/was so lucky, thankfully it was caught super quick and she had her stage 1 mass removed, she is now still at risk, but she doesn’t have to return for another 6 months. It could have been worse and we are all so thankful, the NHS and learning about Cancer all these years is what saved her life – so yesterday my Sister had a Macmillan Coffee Morning, just a small one, but it was a way to help,

Macmillan Coffee Morning

It was lovely, it got family together and the kids played and we all enjoyed cake, she raised just over £100 which I think is excellent.

This week on September 25th is “The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning”, I may see if I can get some friends over to enjoy some cake, I am making some cakes for Addison to take to school as they are taking part.


Look on the Macmillan website, there are coffee mornings in many places which you can go to, enjoy and support, as so quickly Cancer can enter your world.

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