The Collective Dairy Yoghurt Review

Have you heard of The Collective Dairy ? No, then keep reading, cause you don’t want to miss out.

The Collective was started in New Zealand by two very clever chefs, Ofer Shenhav and Angus Allan. Their quest was simple… create an extraordinary yoghurt with an unbeatable taste.

They really have, I was kindly sent 3 coupons to try out 3 of their 4 flavours of Yoghurts. We headed off to Sainsbury’s and got Passionfruit, Russian Fudge and Cherry/Pomegranate. I was a little disappointed as they did not have the fourth flavour Lucious Lemon, which would I am sure would have been my favourite.

We were sent vouchers for the 500g pots, which are huge and I thought to myself there is no way Ash and I could polish these off, so after we had a taste I brought them into work and we had a yoghurt tasting party. None of my colleagues could believe these super creamy yogurt are 95 % fat-free but they are.

Here are some of the comments that were said

  • Lovely and Smooth
  • Luxurious
  • Very nice and sweet
  • 95 % fat-free, are you lying, I have to think of my waist line
  • Tasty
  • Mmm
  • The Russian Fudge would be lovely with a JD and Coke

So I think you can guess that not only the Hubby and I but 4 work colleagues all raved about these yoghurt, now I am honestly not a huge yoghurt eater, especially as I always feel they eat away at my calories but I can honestly say the Passionfruit will become a regular foe me, it reminded me of a yummy ice cream, I just hope I can get my hands on the Lemon too.

The only comment I would have had negatively about the yoghurt was I had wished they did a smaller pot as these are huge, but The Collective Dairy must have read my mind as they are now doing 3 pot sizes.

Pictures Property of The Collective Dairy

So do head to Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado and many more places to try them for yourselves sweetened with Honey not Sugar they really are 95% fat-free.

If you fancy a giggle too, The Collective Dairy gave away 2000 pots on their Facebook Page this month and made one winner pay buy spending 3 hours with Chegger’s, they made a video of the time, here it is.


Disclosure – I was sent 3 coupons for the purpose of review, these are our honest opinions.


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