The Crazy Kitchen – Why I Love Blogging !

I am constantly asked “Why do you bother to blog ?” I have friends and family who think I am stupid wasting my time. Trying to explain to them that these people are my friends, they make my life better, they make my family’s life better just doesn’t seem to compute for them.

Many were surprised when we held Grayson’s Funday and you all raised so much for Grayson’s trike, again then how you helped me through the miscarriage in the Summer and so much more.

There are so many big and small reasons why I love the blogging/twitter community and here is just another small reason.

Helen aka The Crazy Kitchen and I have many twitter friends in common, I have on several occasions popped by her blog or even had a quick chat on twitter, but over the past few months I have really enjoyed receiving her blog posts in my inbox, they inspire me to go back and enjoy my love of cooking and baking.

Last week I read a recipe on her blog for ‘Chicken and Sweetcorn Puffs’ they looked so delicious but I have lost much of my confidence in the kitchen, so I tweeted Helen to check how hard they were to make, she convinced me to give it a try and so this weekend I did and I am so happy that I did.

Picture Property of The Crazy Kitchen

I didn’t have a heart cookie cutter but instead used a circle one, they were so simple to make, 10 mins prep and 15/20 mins in the oven. The only things I changed from her recipe was the qty I made, the dry herb and I added a bit of double cream (cause I just love creamy sauces).

The Hubby polished his dinner off in record time, no kidding, he even ate the spare I had made for me or Addison, he said it was just too delicious he needed more. They shall definitely be a regular in our Kitchen, a nice new meal to have and more importantly it has got me excited to try some of the other recipes over on The Crazy Kitchen, there are so many fab ones to try.

Chicken Pies

I also didn’t disappoint and used the scrap pastry recipe too, what a great dessert to accompany our meal and absolutely no waste.

Using Pastry Scraps

If you fancy giving these a try head over to The Crazy Kitchen for the recipe and directions.

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