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I am so glad to have joined up with The Gallery again from the very talented Tara, it allows me to photograph things I would not always think about.

This weeks theme – Buildings

Buildings for some people are places for them to habit, places to shelter them, for them to sleep, be a family.

For me ever since I was a child they have been much more, I would spend so much time looking at buildings as we drove to new places, dreaming of what they were like inside, how they may have been built.

When I would get home I would draw the building and then design how it would look like from the inside, I would pay attention to windows and doors. I should probably have gone on to find ways of enjoying my passion as I became older, but I didn’t other than always enjoying new architecture when I came across it. I don’t find any particular ugly, I just see different pieces of art.

Mackintosh Hill House

My favourite buildings in the world I have not even had the pleasure of seeing other than in a book or computer screen, Mackintosh is a huge influence and love of mine and I one day will have the opportunity to visit one of his many places.

the gallery

But for now I stand and stare at what is around me, this Kentish Oast building is common place where I live, most have been transformed into houses, but this one has been standing untouched for so many years. I always dream of going inside, seeing what details have been left, I imagine how I could turn it into the most beautiful home for my family.

the gallery

My dream would be to do this for them, for now I just look at it whenever we visit the park and wonder.

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