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The Gallery theme simply – Home.
“There’s no place like it, right?
So what makes your home ‘home’? What’s your favourite bit, a favourite corner, a room with a story to tell? Is there something in your home you wouldn’t be without, or a treasured item, or something passed down the generations?”
This picture maybe confusing a few then, home, is that where Kara lives? God no, although tbh I spend most of my time there.
This is my office, I love having Grayson come in, lax you may say my boss is, well my boss is my Dad so he enjoys it even more so when Grayson comes into visit.
So you are still probably wondering, well you see in the past 20 yrs I have moved over 18 times, crazy huh, some times lasting only 3 weeks the longest being 3 years. We are never settled, we never unpack every box and I hate it. I don’t mind the moving, I love the re decoration aspect, I just hate never getting settled.
So my office you see is my constant, the place that has been in my life since the day I was born, the place I feel safe, the place I wanted to show my babies when they were born, the place I feel proud of (even though its a mess) as it has been in my family for over 45 yrs.
I worry it wont be there one day, I worry the place I have gone when my parents split, after school whilst being bullied and spent a few hours one Christmas Day even wont be there.
So right now I make the most of it, I work hard to keep it as my “Home”.


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