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Tara has set a beautiful theme this week, it comes in light of a fantastic lady Chris of Thinly Spread who is taking an inspiring trip to Mozambique this week with Save the Children, She has been invited along as part of their campaign to promote attention for the Global Vaccination Summit on June 13. The aim is to encourage the world’s leaders to plug the vaccination funding gap. They want a fair deal for children all over the world.

You can do your bit by signing the petition here, it takes just a minute, so go do it!!!

So The Gallery theme, well it is I’m Grateful For…

In light of the reason this theme was set this was an easy week for me, I am so thankful for the NHS and the care we have in this country, Grayson with his disabilities and medical conditions has spent much time in and out of hospital and would not be here today if it wasn’t for the NHS, we are so grateful for the help, care and support we receive as a family each week, from Paed’s to Physio to the NHS Nursery workers that make Grayson’s Wednesday and Fridays special.

Grayson at 2 days old in SCBU

I had to include a coupe of piccy’s to show this off.

Grayson at Nursery in the hospital, Jane being one of the few people I trust implecably

We are lucky enough to get all the tests needed to help Grayson, some are not so lucky

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