The Ideal Home Show With John Lewis & Quiet Mark

Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to the Ideal Home Show by John Lewis. I was over the moon as we had tickets but Grayson had become unwell and we hadn’t been able to go, I love the Ideal Home Show but it had been 2 years since our last visit.

As a few years before the show is now over 2 stories, with large items and stands on the ground floor and small items/food on the top floor, this year the beauty part of the show had grown, which I was initially quite excited about, but disappointingly the majority of the stands were actually teeth whitening.

The food section as years before had a great selection from all over the world, I treated myself to some lovely Kisses (marshmallow covered with chocolate), not as many as should got home to the Hubby and kids.

My favourite thing about the Ideal Home Show since my 1st back as a teenager was looking round the mock houses, I am massively in to Interior Design and the mock rooms/houses just please me so much, it is like a home magazine brought to life.

Ideal Home Show 2014

As every year before these did not disappoint, they inspired, they shared some of my favourite products and designs, but hands down my favourite house was the one I had been kindly invited to see.

John Lewis & Quiet Mark TreeHouse

The John Lewis with Quiet Mark Treehouse – I mean seriously what is better than an adult sized treehouse ? I have had a fascination with Treehouses since childhood, they are magical places and the John Lewis house was beautiful.

Ideal Home Show

The house was made to share John Lewis with the help of Quiet Mark joining the Quiet Revolution, to reduce one of the worst types of pollution – noise! As you entered the beautiful Treehouse you were met with calmness and peace, the Treehouse mimicked design of a normal home, with Kitchen & Living Area, but with quiet appliances, I was amazed at how many appliances for the home now have the Quiet Mark.

Can you imagine it, no worrying about waking the kids with the hoover, or having an early morning cup of tea, sheer brilliance.

Ideal Home Show

I loved experiencing the treehouse and it’s peacefulness but not only did I get to enjoy it, the brilliance will live on as the awesome people at John Lewis have donated the Treehouse on to a Children’s Charity Hospice, the Treehouse will be built totally wheelchair friendly and allow Children to live in the magic of a Treehouse – well done John Lewis & Quiet Mark!

Other Best Bits at Ideal Home Show

Ideal Home Show

I was hugely impressed with Study Bed – it is genius, they even showed the desk going under with a glass of water and no spillage, I am sure one of these will probably be in one of my children’s future or in a maybe guest room. They even do a Kingsize bed, it really was so clever and considering all the furniture good value.


I spent quite a while swooning and then tweeting with SMEG, I have wanted a Smeg fridge since I was 18, it was my promise to myself before my 30th but never happened, but I know one day it shall, I also love their new Range cookers, just pure beauty.

I was impressed with the Virgin water system, it was really reasonable and the cold water was so pure and tasty I ended up going back for 2 cups.

Lastly there were a couple of great stands up in the shopping area upstairs, Simply Vintage was one of my favourites, she had a great selection, I ended up purchasing a couple small bits, but wish I had bought more.

Lights at Ideal Home Show

Lastly I was really impressed with the Light decorations around the show, they really stood out and were so beautiful, I would love one of the oversized shades although they would take my whole room. As a whole the staff at the show were very helpful and we ended up having a lovely day, I just wish there were less of the same stalls such as lots of hot tubs and garden furniture and more small stalls as years before, more innovative not seen products.

Disclosure – We were sent free tickets by John Lewis to share the Treehouse with my readers, but all views are my own.

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