The Kiddies // 28 & 29

Well although Grayson is moving from strength to strength after the accident, life is still very much a whirlwind here at the moment, until today I had not done a full day at work due to the care needs being higher.

Grayson also had 3 long and very upsetting days of neurological testing last week (hence why I wasn’t here much). Now we just have the agonising wait for the results.

Head Injury

Grayson – Week 28 saw us being able to remove your bandages, the wound gave me the greatest shock at first, it was so much larger than I had envisioned. But in true Superhero style it is super tidy and getting better with every passing day.

The accident does seem to have changed you some how, it is like at times you are more aware of the world around you. The contact I have received from you has been out of this world, I have had cuddles, snuggles and even some kisses, it is he most immense feeling to have you look right into my eyes and smile. Our little silver lining from something so tragic.

Addison in July

Addison – You are at such an awkward age, in the morning you can be the sweetest, I wish I had a little pocket-sized version to carry around and make silly but seriously cute statements as you do. But as quick as the weather changes so does your mood. Being a parent to a 4-year-old girl is hard.

You have had some great little adventures this past fortnight though in between all the not so much fun. We went to see the Thomas Premiere in London and you loved your first Cinema experience and then this weekend you had your 1st fancy dress princess party and you chose Snow White because “She loves animals just like me Mama”.

Deacon in July

Deacon – Oh how this past month has changed you the most. You have grown before my eyes, each day learning new words and new ways to push your boundaries.

It has been hard but I know you are just testing us, we have a fun year on our hands for sure but with one of the cutest little monkeys to test us.

You have your seat off your scooter now as you want to be “Like daddy (Addison)”, it is so funny how you call her Daddy, it confuses many.

You want to be free to explore as long as Mama carries you for half the journey or when you are very unsure.

You give meaning to the word cute.

So that is our past 2 weeks, we have another week before school breaks out here, although Grayson will not be returning at all until at least September, I am hoping although we have the holidays to finally start settling back into normal life, well as normal as our house ever is.

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