The Kiddies // Fifty-One



Grayson – Superhero you managed to get through your last week with even some smiles at school, your lovely TA chose you a fun PomPom for Xmas and you seem to really like it, actually playing with it as such and not eating it, it was lovely to watch.



Addison – You had such a busy week with all your school Christmas activities, you were so excited to get dressed up for your after school party, going completely away from the norm and wanting to dress all girly.

You are obsessed with everything Christmas and hopefully we will have a fun week of activities even though you have a nasty cough.


Deacon – You are so excited for Christmas, every time you see lights even you shout “Christmas Tree” in your cute little voice.

I am not sure how you shall do with your Brother and Sister being home this next fortnight, you love the idea of playing with them but you get very jealous of anyone else getting attention.

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