The Kiddies // Fifty-Two

Well the end of 2015 is here, I managed (other than 1 week) a whole year of these posts and as much as I have loved them they will not return like this next year.

Instead I shall be focussing on one image for the week, it maybe of one of the kids or all three, just my favourite from the week and it will often not even have words with it.

I shall be sharing less of the kids on my blog I think, not intentionally stopping but I have some things that I really want to focus on more, I will still be sharing some posts though and as always I flood my social media with them, especially Instagram.

So for the last week of 2015, here are my 3 babies all together on Xmas Eve.

Kids at Xmas

Grayson – You did struggle this past week, but you managed to get out and see family (even if you didn’t want to). You surprised us so much this week with playing with a couple of your presents and I am one very proud Mummy for sure.

Addison – What a poorly girl you have been just before Xmas but thankfully not to bad once the big day arrived, you said this was “The best Christmas ever” which considering it really wasn’t didn’t matter to you and that made me smile.

Deacon – My poor baby you found Christmas a little all too much, only really wanting cuddles with Mama or Granny. You have enjoyed seeing everyone though. Most of all playing with your new Fire Engine has made you smile, well done Uncle Sky.

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