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To watch your child suffer is not something anyone should have to experience, it takes a piece of your heart that can never come back, but when it becomes your everyday, although the pain does not lessen you learn to live with it, because you have to overcome and live!

My Superhero has had a dreadful couple of months, nothing majorly life changing, but life changing all the same, I have talked to some and mentioned little snippets, but I knew he/we would find a way to overcome it. We aren’t there, but we have started the path, he is inspirational, there is no denying, how he fights through immense pain, upset and general day-to-day struggles I will never comprehend.

2 Years ago this week Grayson took his 1st steps, as I watched the video back last night I can hear how I hold my breath, in fear, in excitement, with pride, that hasn’t changed.

His journey is changing, but we will follow our new path and he will inspire, to follow his changes do check out my YouTube channel and Grayson’s Tube Diaries, education is key, loving is key. 

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