The Kiddies // Forty-Eight


Grayson – It has torn my heart out this week watching you suffer, seeing you cry and having no idea how to help you even if I could.

I really hoped we would wake today as a new start, I am not sure why, but that was not the case, lets hope tomorrow is the day, I miss your smile. xx


Addison – Those deep eyes, always thinking, I am not sure I like all the changes that have come with the start of school, although you are striving and doing so incredibly well it is hard to accept the parts of my little girl who have been lost.


Deacon – Every week at the moment gets a little harder with you, you are growing but as is your temper, something I have never had to deal with before. But on the flip you are the sweetest boy, kind and always loving a cuddle. You do love Cats, I am sure you would love one of your own to cuddle.


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