The Kiddies // Forty-Five


Grayson – I can hear your Happy Screams as I look at this picture – you are the king of the swingers.

You are struggling as your sleep seems to be so bad at the moment, but you loved starting swimming again this week at school, you get such a sense of freedom.


Addison – I am so sad this picture is so grainy as I think it is my most favourite picture of you ever!!

You and Daddo went off for a little date to the Fireworks last week, you were so excited and I love that you got to spend some one on one time together, you were buzzing on your return.


Deacon – Oh my little terror, you really do epitomise the term “Terrible Twos”, we are finding you quite trying, but I was remembered this week back to our little splodge who never made it and as I looked at you in bed that night I realised you would not have been here if not so, I know that you are here for many reasons and this is just a phase.

Sorry for the bad photos this week but our usual photo time at the weekend became a mass of poorly children and never leaving the house. But I love that these photos do truly show their week.


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