The Kiddies // Forty-One


Grayson – Oh Superhero look at how handsome you are, look at how you are looking to have a photo.

Maybe one day those eyes wont be all that is talking to me, maybe that mouth or those hands will find a way, but if not those eyes can keep talking as they are beautiful.

Thank you for being so amazing, you really are trying so hard at everything and I am so proud.


Addison – You look so much more grown each day. You are starting to settle at school well, not overly complaining about going.

You have such a yearn to learn it is so inspiring to watch, I wish I could be learning with you. You are loving letters and making words from them, I hope this stays with you as learning should be fun.


Deacon – Oh how you have been testing, the terrible 2’s is very much with us, but with every bad day at home you are a saint anywhere else we go. Being the pride of our children when out and about, smiling so sweetly you have ladies cooing over you.

You are smarter than your young years I think.

Christmas is going to be so much fun with you this year, you are loving playing and finding new ways to play, but transport always wins over.

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