The Kiddies //Forty-Two


Grayson – Keep being who you are, as you are amazing, you amazed us in Speech Therapy this week, you amazed us at school this week and all on no sleep.

If ever there is real superheroes my son it is you.


Addison – You are loving school (I am frightened of saying this for fear of jinxing) but although you would still very much like some days at home with Mummy (as would I) you are enjoying learning and finding out all about the world.

Your letter work and reading skills are outstanding, your teacher says you are working so hard and I am so proud.


Deacon – You maybe small but you are such a force, always on the path of destruction and destroying. I think when you are the youngest you are compared so much to your older siblings of their ages now that as parents we forget how cheeky they to were. I am having to remember that and remind myself very soon you to will be at school and I will be so sad.



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