The Kiddies // Forty

I am sure this is typical of most families with school age children but our week now feels very much a blur of school runs, work and evening routines, there feels little fun or excitement.

I suppose the only saving grace to this is it pushes you at weekends to do something more fun and exciting, although I am now feeling quite drained as we no longer seem to have PJ days, oh how I miss them.


Grayson – My poor superhero sleep is becoming worse each week if that is at all possible. But you still push through with a beautiful smile on your face.

It was so nice this week as I had a few days off work for a tooth removal so I actually got to take and collect you from school (usually Daddo’s job), I am sure you did not want to go in and would rather have been with me as you kept cheekily walking back for cuddles.

We went to the woods on Saturday as a family and you had the most amazing time, really enjoying the peace and smiling with Addison as she showed you all the wonders.


Addison – I am so pleased we have ironed out some of the kinks with school and by the most part you are happy to go in. You have such a lust for learning and feel so proud of how well you are doing with your reading and writing.

We had a lovely adventure in the woods this weekend, every week you get older you learn and see things so differently.


Deacon – You loved having Mummy home most of this week, like with your siblings before you I always go through a period were I feel extreme guilt at how much I work, with you it is not as frequent, but for some reason it seems to bother you so much more than your siblings.

You cry so much every time I leave and it is heartbreaking. Mummy and Deacon time is going to become a must I think, maybe some little one on one dates will help.

You blew your first Dandelion this weekend and it was the cutest thing to see, you had such pride of your skills.


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