The Kiddies // Nineteen

Some weeks I struggle to decide what picture and what snippet to share of my babies, as a blogger in the digital age taking photos is so easy and frequent.

But sometimes the everyday, working full-time and upset children means pictures are not so easy to take. This week is that week, so although I do not love these photos and they do not fill me with massively happy memories, they are this week and they are a memory I do not want to forget.

special needs

Grayson – Oh my poor Superhero, how you are struggling with sleep, I hate that we are going backwards, I see you regressing, slowly becoming very unsteady, covered in hidden bruises, your smile fading, your aggravation growing stronger. We will find a way to help you again I shall try everything. Look how sweet you sleep after a busy day at school, if only you slept so well at nap time or bedtime.


Addison – My little girl, you are so so funny. You had preschool photos this week, your first time after having chicken pox last year and here you were in the morning practicing your best smile. Chase in hand of course, I kind of hope they let you keep Chase for your picture as it just shows you as you are.

You are growing to quick, it scares me, saying the funniest things to Daddo and I, you are loving being a helper to, wanting to make sandwiches and load the dishwasher, bet that changes in a few years.

flamingo bedding

Deacon – Little boy, you do love to test our patience, I really pray it is a phase, but on the reverse to that you are our most affectionate, your little kisses so meaningful. Now if only we could get you to sleep. I am sure your moods would improve. You have many new words this week, I am not sure if you fully get their meaning but the way you say them is heart warming. Sweet and Swing being your favourites.

You had your first proper sleep in a bed yesterday, I found you like this in your sisters bed, I went to check on your brother and returned to this, 10am naps are not fab but look how cute you look.


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