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Sometimes when I need a Miracle, I look into my Sons eyes, and realize I have already created one – Unknown

This quote is never more true than when I see Grayson, when I hold him, look at what he has achieved, what he has become. It is not always easy, I won’t lie, some days I sob with anger at why anyone would make his life , even my life, like this, but then I see pictures like this that came home from school last week and I sob with pride, this is so amazing, this boy is my Miracle and here is just 7¬†reasons why, so I can remind myself on those hard days….

  1. I was not supposed to be able to have children, I was told in no way, but when we had decided we would try other ways of having a family I found out I was 10 weeks pregnant, two near losses and this little boy entered our world in 2009.
  2. Grayson died for the first time when he was 4 months old in my arms, blue and not breathing, he came back to me and has done several times since then.
  3. We were told when Grayson was 4 he would never be able to walk, a month later one day not even in a walker he took his first step.
  4. We were also told at aged 5 Grayson would never be able to chew and swallow food without killing him, 3 months later he picked up a Sandwich at school and chewed, he now very slowly manages at least 2 meals a day.
  5. Grayson has had Pneumonia many times, the day before his 5th Birthday he was taken to hospital and we were told he only had less than 10% chance of making his 5th Birthday, he woke on his 5th Birthday and 2 days later wa even discharged from hospital.
  6. In June last year Grayson fell and had a major head injury, that night he had life saving brain surgery to remove a huge bleed and reconstruct his skull, as they wheeled him in the Surgeon was very honest with us and gave us a 10% chance of survival and even if he did he would not be anything like before the accident. Grayson survived and within 48 hours Grayson was exactly as he was prior, they said not even a well child had ever come back so quickly.
  7. Lastly Grayson stops breathing 200 times a night, he has more seizures than I can count and is as weak as a newborn baby but still every night for 7 years he has beat the odds and woke up to be by my side.

Never give up believing in miracles, they can happen, my son is proof!

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