The Kiddies // Sixteen

special needs siblings

Grayson – It has been the last week of the Easter holidays and you have been such a trooper but I am sure you are ready to get back to your routine.

You did amazing in PT this week and we now have the task of stair climbing to work on. You will succeed I am so sure of it.

You and your bestie aka Addison have been very cute this past week, best little duo.

Addison – Back to school you went this week, you have been struggling, once at school you are fine but you have such fear about missing us before, I wish I could understand what has happened.

You went to your first theatre play this week with Granny and Popsy and they have created a monster, you are begging to go to another show, just like Mummy and Daddy.

As always you have been an amazing sister this week, the picture above sheer proof, “Rara have some of my chocolate, you need it and love it.”

Deacon in his hummer

Deacon – Oh Deacon this week you have grown so much, you before our eyes are changing, learning new words, getting more attitude. But I am so pleased, I am sad to lose my baby but life will bring you so much fun.

You have a serious addiction at the moment to your Hummer, Gamma bought it for the 3 of you for Xmas and now the weather is good you want to be in it every day.

So as you can see the kiddies have been having a lot of fun this week, let’s be honest now the weather is better I feel this maybe a pattern, my kids are outdoors kids for sure, the sun makes them smile.


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