The Kiddies // Ten

Being a Mummy to Boys…

I always wanted to be a Mummy to boys, I had this vision in my mind of four sons who loved their sweet, little Mummy. Who would be always covered in mud, eating me out of house and home and bring home the most beautiful young women once they were older.

When Grayson was born I could not believe how beautiful he was, when out and about I would not get 100 yards without being stopped, he is going to be a lady-killer they would say.


When we were told that Grayson’s problems whatever they are would probably only manifest in boys I sobbed hard, silly I know but that dream I had been taken away, I couldn’t see how we could ever have another child.


Deacon changed my world when he was born and seemed ok, this little boy who much like his brother was just beautiful, as he started to develop my love for him was so strong, the feeling of knowing he was ok.

I wish I had another son, I would never be without Addison, she very much is my special girl and our relationship I pray is strong for life, but there is something as special about being a Mummy to my boys, the terrors they both are.

It has not been an easy week for my boys, but they are both strong and soldier on, like their Daddo in that way and let me take the most beautiful photos of them to remember that even though times maybe hard they keep smiling.



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