The Kiddies // Thirty-Five

The end of the Summer holidays is quickly upon us, in fact Addison starts School this week – eek.

Grayson at Boing

Grayson – Seeing you sleep is quite precious these past 2 weeks, your sleep is so little at the moment, your naughty brain is not allowing you to relax. You have been so good though considering, even enjoying a family festival this weekend. You have the most beautiful eyelashes I have ever seen.

Addison and her apple

Addison – My big girl, I can not believe you are starting school this week, you maybe ready but I am so not. I loved that we had a day in London just the 2 of us this week, I am going to miss them and your crazy chats each week.

You are such a cutie and your love for your brothers seems to be growing every day more and more.

Deacon at Boing

Deacon – Only you my little boy could fall asleep in the middle of a festival with all that noise. You are such a monkey at the moment and it is hard to try to make you see why you should behave, it is easy to forget with you being so talkative and advanced that you are only 2 still.


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