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Grayson at the park

Grayson – You have done so well going out this week, I know it is not always easy for you, I know many a time you would rather be at home watching TV but think of the fun you have had. We have done many a park visit this week, you trying new things with us by your side. Nothing too much as you are still on head injury watch but you have embraced trying new toys, your swings still being the only ones to get those big smiles.


Addison – My little cutie, the time is going far to quickly, you shall be at school in just over a month, you are ready but I am not!

You have been much better at times with Deacon this past week, I think you desperately want him to be your playmate but he is still that little bit young and a little nasty at the moment.

You have loved your new seesaw and going to the park and making new friends, you hold their hands, chat to them and even cuddle them within minutes of meeting them, you are such a kind soul. This week I was even complemented by several Mums of your old preschool friends on that, they all want you to come and play – ProudMama!


Deacon – Oh my little baby how those nasty teeth have bothered you this week, if at all possible they have made you even more clingy. You need to always be with Mama or Dada and if you are not it is cause you are being naughty.

I really hope this is a stage and we pass through it shortly, you have the potential to be the sweetest boy, you always greet me at the door on my return from being out with the biggest grin and cuddles, it is lovely.


The thing though I have noticed the most these past few weeks is how as siblings you are growing closer, this gives me so much joy, especially you all love Grayson so much, you are always helping him, in some respects being the older sibling when in fact younger, but having this time altogether at home and in new experiences is helping you to grow and I love it.

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