The Kiddies // Thirty-Six

Well the Summer Holidays are officially coming to an end, Addison is at a full day at school today and Grayson is back in tomorrow. I am not one of those parents who is jumping for joy, honestly if I had the choice school would only be a few days a week and the rest they would be home.

Grayson and the Flamingos

Grayson – It has been a little of a hard week for you Superhero, the docs have changed your prescription amounts to very high doses and they seem the be having many effects (none of the desired ones) but you have smiled on, all be it at 2am laughing very loudly. You seem to really enjoy our day at Drusilla’s yesterday and we were surprised at the amount you looked at the animals.

Addison first day at school

Addison – What a busy and exciting week it was for you my Pinkie, it started with a trip to London for the Fireman Sam Premiere, playdate with your preschool friends, followed by 2 half days at school (which you loved of course) and ended with a much promised trip to Drusilla’s. You enjoyed every part of your week and have grown another year I am sure.

Deacon on Thomas

Deacon – Oh my little boy, although you are not actually “growing up” your little personality certainly is. You very much are the little boy with the little curl, some times so lovely and sometimes, well.

You have become so into toys this past few weeks, mimicking your sisters play a lot but now finding your own favourites. Thomas and trains have become a regular in your little hands, so you were very excited when you got to meet and ride him this weekend.

Living Arrows

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